Cool White LED Strip Light – 120 Volt – High Output (SMD 5050) – 148 Feet


Try 120-volt SMD 5050 Cool White LED strip lights for our brightest solution using LED strip lights. Also known as tape lights or ribbon lights, these rectangular shaped lights are flexible, versatile, and easy to use. Cool white LEDs display a bluish hue that is ideal for task lighting, accenting, and work lights.

Install our 120 volt Cool White SMD 5050 LED strip lights for your next project whether it’s lighting your house, providing office space lighting, or underlining cabinets. If you like how bright cool white is but want the option to dim them down, we offer LED dimmers, faders, or flashing controllers to help control the brightness and the lighting effects. 120 volt SMD 5050 strip lights can be applied to indoor or outdoor applications.

High output LED strip lights are the preferred choice for line voltage lighting applications as they can be easily adapted and customized to any project. Cuttable in 19.5 inch intervals, our Cool White strip lights come in spools of 148 feet. If that’s too long for your project then check out our smaller 65 foot spools or let us cut them for you by choosing our custom cut cool white SMD 5050 LED strip lights.

If you need more than the basics that come with the spool, we have a whole section devoted to strip light accessories.

Each White LED Strip Light Spool Includes:

  • (1) 2 foot Plug with Power Connector (Includes inline rectifier)
  • (1) End Cap


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